7 Day challenge

The winner for the 7 day challenge which started April 5, 2021 and ended April 11, 2021: Teresa won $25.00 cash gift.


I just want to say thank you to everyone who participated in the 7 day challenge; which is the 7 day challenge several of us have taken on for 7 days; which consisted of each individual doing something each day good, or nice for themselves, someone else etc. The 7th day you will feel good about doing it; because always doing what feels good to you from the heart is always the greatest and purest challenge.

Thanks to everyone

I just want to say thank you to everyone who contributed to the inobebeauty Circle of Love for Women Conference. 

"Nominate a Queen"

Thanks to the winner Dorothy, just want to say thank you for participating in nominating a Queen contest on February 27, 2020. I just want to say thank you for participating and sharing your story. Your story is amazing. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           in Kind regards,                                                                                                               inobebeauty

To all my Beauties with Love

Can You Walk In my Shoes?

I just wanted to thank Heidi, and Janet for attending my pizza dinner at Barros pizza I just wanted to say I appreciate you two for hanging out on January 23, 2020. Hope to see you both at other events.


Also I will like to say walking in another woman's shoe's may be difficult for another woman to do. We all live different lives, and take on many different and difficult challenges as woman. We all have busy and hectic lives and lots of steps we have to take to make difficult situations into a place of change and peace. So ladies I encourage all my beauties to live your life to the best of your ability and walk with your heads up high with no regrets just remember this key always look forward to change as you grow daily and progress.


In Kind regards, 


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Tea Party Contest ended on Dec 21, 2019

Here are My answers to the questions:


1.)What is your favorite tea? 

My favorite tea Is passion tea and I also love peppermint tea, and green tea. To be honest any tea works for me.

2.)Do you drink your tea hot or cold? 

I prefer cold tea but hot is just fine to especially in the winter.


3.)How many cups of tea you drink a day? Since I cut back I drink usually 1 tea a day possibly 2 times.

4.)Are you a tea lover? 

I love tea so Iconsider myself a tea lover


5.)How long have you been drinking tea for? 

24 years approximately 


Good luck to all my beauties. 


To all my beauties who participated in Tea with inobe contest I want to say; thank you to all who participated in the contest.


The Winner of the tea contest down below is listed down below:


Heidi she loves drinking tea, her favorite tea is Tiesta Eternity loose tea. She drinks her tea hot. She usually only drink one cup of tea a day. She is a tea lover; and she have been drinking tea for 30 years.


Thanks Heidi, for submitting your picture with drinking your hot tea, and for submitting me your answers to the questions.






1.) Dana- thank you for sharing your 21 day no makeup regime with me and others. Dana kept her skin cared for by using water and her own soap of choice.

2.) Sarah thank you for sharing your 21 day no makeup regime with me and others. Sarah used neutrogena facial wash to keep up skin regime for 21 days.

3.) Heidi thank you for sharing 21 day no makeup regime with me and others. Heidi used ginseng gel moisturizer for her face daily to keep her skin clean and to keep it moisturized.


I want say thank you to all my beauties; who participated in my 21- Day clean face no makeup challenge. It was a challenge for me as well; but I must say ladies we made it through. I also wanted to share some of my beauty tips with all my beauties who have been asking. Well these are some of the things I did for myself for 21 days to detox my skin. 


My 7 secret beauty tips for my skin: 


1.) I start of with washing my face every morning with my oatmeal yardley soap

2.) shower with my cocoa butter shower gel 

3.) moisturize my skin with either my coconut oil or my pomegrante organic body butter daily

4.) moisturize my lips with coconut oil same one I use on body or use my mint chapstick

5.) moisturize my hair with my africa best oil it can also be used on body as well

6.) egyptian oil 

7.) plenty of water 



On Nov 10-30, 2019 me and several of my beauties took on a very difficult challenge by wearing no makeup for 21 days makeup free challenge. I feel that we are beautiful without because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. 

I also wanted to share a short story about what made me dedicate a lot of patience into my skin. When I was a teenager my skin would easily breakout. I had ugly spots and still do to this day. I realized the things I use to use like oxy pads with the alcohol and other harsh chemicals in that particular product was harming my skin more than helping me. So I decided to take a different approach in my early 20's I decided to try different things like different soaps. I realized that cocoa butter was my best option, and my african soaps. It has been my thing for over 18 years and its been a true blessing for me. Using my soap and water has really improved my skin. 


“Inspired by the Beauty of a real woman.”


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