My vision, purpose, values, and voice

My Vision -is to be a great leader in all that I do; by caring and providing great services in many aspects, that will be inspiring to all women, and men, of all walks of life. 

My Purpose-is to encourage all people, man woman, and child, families who need to be encouraged, inspire all who attend my events and for all those who reach out to me through my selective forms of contact, and who want to be inspired, and looking for a change of ways in life to improve themselves daily; by supporting them; by me listening and providing them with great advice and by providing great services to all who are seeking advice. 

My Values- are to help by building trust from all  who come in contact with me; by doing my best at all times to show everyone I care and to focus on the most valuable parts in life we suffer with as a whole regardles of the extreme circumstances it may be; by me helping everyone achieve and recieve the results in life that will help them grow as a whole, and help them move on to the next chapters of their life by proceeding in the recommended order the 7 essential steps in life with 21 ways things can change if you follow and complete each step in order with a small amount of faith that is all that has been asked of us.

My Voice- I am familiar with what I speak, and say and have many years of knowledge by accepting and believing in my abilities with the most faith from my heavenly father, with the growth and journey I have recieved, and have been placed on by being prepared for my future; by being ready and prepared to be the best I can with the faith I have grown to have from learning many techniques and having certain qualities as a woman to attain what has been given to me. I am very approachable, loving and kind, Inobe Beauty, speaks for herself and itself; because of the knowledge, power, wisdom, understanding I gained by having love for God first. 









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