"The Queen in your life Share your story."



To all the beautiful Queens; I always wanted to share my story with other women. I always love sharing my story about me and my life; but today it is not about me its about nominating a beautiful Queen. Their is one Woman in my life who has inspired me with all of who she is; where she came from and  who I am. This woman is a Queen to me she taught me everything I know as a woman. She taught me that a woman should have respect and dignity about herself. Always to carry yourself in a respectful way and to never make a fool of yourself by degrading yourself as a woman. She has helped me become the woman I am today by guiding me on the spiritual path I am on today; by taking me to church every sunday morning and sending me to bible study. My mother would sing inspiring songs to me such as "The Lord is Blessing me"and I would sing a long as a small child with her; then I would fall to sleep. My mother is every thing to me and when I look at myself today I have to say well done Lord for giving me a mother like her. She not only took very good care of me and all my siblings; but other relatives kids to by raising 3 to 4 other children outside of her own children. She is the mother for all and she still gets recognized for who she is by many people. She is my best female friend we have always had a great relationship. Eventhough im many miles away from her when I call her its just like she is close by. I love this woman and respect her with all my heart and I am so blessed for her to be my mother. 





Ms Dorothy

The Queen of my Life that inspired me was my mom. She was a proverb 31 women and I'm grateful for that. Have a Blessed and prosperous day. 














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