2.8 oz Pure African Black soap.

Roll on oils Egyptian musk, Rag and Bone, Iris

Flower design silver Necklace Diffuser

Stretch material masks for boy or girl small child.

Men mask or if you like it can be worn by a woman.

Women mask flower print.

$8.00 for a set. or $5.00 for 1 mask.

Men Mask or if you like a woman can wear the mask to.


Sheer thin fabric mask for women.


Men fatigue mask or if you like a woman can wear to.

$4.50 for 1 mask or two masks for $8.00

mask extenders.

1 set- meaning two $2.75 2 sets- meaning four $4.00

Neem Toothpaste

What is neem toothpaste its a more natural way of keeping your teeth clean, and healthy this toothpaste is combined with herbs to give you more of a natural hygiene with fresh mint and fluoride free. So try it out buy one today.